T-Shirt Number 7 - black t shirt -
True Costs -t-SHIRT 7

This is T-shirt number 7 finished with a QR code label linking to a section of video documenting its construction. The later production of this item is a visible part of the finished piece.
I will be making 10 more of these shirts to sell. My time valued at the London Living Wage and using only organic cotton – and recycled cotton for the label.
Each shirt will be a numbered edition of ten and will come with a video of me sewing from start to finish. It is both a garment and a wearable work of art. Textile work is skilled work and I have just begun so there will be minor differences and imperfections. Costs will change to account for variation of time needed. Number 7 above is priced at £52.19.

The size is 44 and the colour black.

I am not charging any profit on top of the basic costs, I did not want to add a fee that garment workers around the world cannot. The cost is the minimum I can make it without underpaying the workers (me) or creating a negative impact on the environment. Of course there has been time and thought gone into this work that has not been included in the total, it is my privilege to be able to give that away. _ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The project is titled True Costs, a nod to the documentary The True Cost and an invitation to the viewer and consumer to wish to be able to tell a story about their clothes different to Fast Fashions story of denial and the interplay of greed, fear, power and abuse. _

The garment will be large on some and smaller on others. When asking who made my clothes? For one item it’s an easy question, you can say Samuel did, here is a video of it being made in his living room.